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Jason Alvarado is an Evangelist unlike any other!  His passion is simply to love God and love people by any stretch of the imagination. Much like Apostle Paul states in 1 Corinthians 9:22, "I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some," Jason has used all his talents to preach the Gospel in complete faith that lives will be touched in some way.  He has developed into an amazing Worship Leader and Musician, a skillful Illusionist and an incredibly powerful Preacher and Communicator.  He can speak into the hearts and lives of diverse congregations and people groups no matter what the age, ethnicity, or background. From Student Leader to Associate Minister at Mainstream Ministries, Jason has been serving Faith Assembly of God in Orlando, FL for close to 15 years, reaching more than 1,500 students on a weekly basis. He has been serving directly under Pastor Johnnie Wilson as the head of School Campus Outreach and On Staff Evangelist for Faith Assembly of God. 

 As  the Staff Evangelist at Faith Assembly (Orlando), Jason has been given the freedom to take his ministry all over the world.  Always using life as the greatest illustrator, he can communicate deep Gospel principals in the easiest of terms and sometimes using sleight of hand illusions to illustrate his ministry points.  Quite simply, when Jason speaks, people listen.

Jason and his wife, Laura, have taken their ministry across the nation and even internationally in such places as Nicaragua, Jamaica, South Africa, Spain, Ireland, Austria and Canada. Having this ministry visit your church will no doubt be an exciting and memorable experience because the Spirit of God will be there and because your congregation will leave services being uplifted, healed and encouraged.

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