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"Don't Worry I have a Plan."

There are so many confusing seasons that we may walk through as believers. But we can move forward because our heavenly father has a plan. God has a plan to prosper you not to harm you. He is still a God who still calms the storms.​


"Dream The Impossible" (Short) 

A brief explaniation of our School Assembly program. 

"Dream The Impossible" (Full) 

promotional video describing Motivational Assemblies for Middle School, High School and College-Age audiences with

Jason Alvarado. ​

"Breaking the Chains of doubt"

Watch a message about the journey of Noah and how he had to overcome fear and doubt to accomplish something powerful for God. 

THE Lead:

A podcast filled with entertaining and thought provoking discussion on reaching today's generation. 

"The Power Of Perspective"
A brief thought that ecnourages us to look at the situations we face in a more positive way. 

"Shatter The Illusion Show (teaser) 

A short promo video for the  the Illusion Show.           

"Its a little fishy"

A short promo video for the               "SHATTER THE ILLUSION SHOW."  

"Pick A Card"
A short promo video for the               "SHATTER THE ILLUSION SHOW."

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