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Chief Hill 

Hill Learning Academy

Chandler, AZ 



Jason Alvarado was absolutely outstanding while performing his presentation to our students.  He fosters a very high morale and a total winning attitude and spirit.  Ken "Chief" Hill Learning Academy is an alternative school that is attended by students from four high schools and five junior high schools within the Chandler Unified School District.


Approximately 200 students observed Jason's presentation with absolute attention as he talked about making good choices and illustrated these choices with magical acts.  He is a highly motivated young man, a hard working individual whose efforts are reflected in the superior performance routinely displayed.


Jason's major strengths rest with his ability to quickly relate to students.  He excels in using various techniques to keep students focus and on task.  An energetic and highly motivated achiever, he is a bold, straight line of dedication and inspiration.


Students love him and he will make you proud!!!




Page Nelson

Brookhaven Academy Elementary Principal

Hill Learning Academy

Brookhaven, MS



To Whom It May Concern:


I had the opportunity to witness a wonderful show performed by Mr.Jason Alvarado. His show was organized and kept the student body’s attention. This was actually a difficult task due to the age diversity stretching from first grade to twelfth grade. His use of illusions kept the students attention while life learning lessons were being spoke of. The show was filled with positive decision making tasks that face each one of us at different levels in our lives. I appreciate his willingness to share intimate and personal experiences because it made it real for the students. Speaking of divorced parents, peer pressure and bullying touched many. 


I personally thought the use of one of our students during a bullying example touched me most of all. The young lady was able to speak from the heart with Jason’s encouragement. It was as if it had been rehearsed. 


Other teachers are quoted as saying:


“As a child of divorced parents, your comments about which parent to live with hit home. I always felt that I had to choose. For some reason I never felt like I was allowed to love both. I think you we 


awesome- I had tears flowing!! You voiced feelings that lots of kids have but don’t understand nor think is OK.”


“We saw Jason at Wendy’s the night following the day show. All the kids immediately recognized him and ran up to him. He was so very nice to the kids! After ordering his food, he came over and did a mini show for the kids. I am sure he was exhausted, but he never let on! I kept thinking how awesome it was for him to do that!”


I recommend Jason Alvarado based on his superb performance at our school, and his outside character reflects what he is speaking about. He is an inspiration and talented beyond measure.



Julie Wright

Head of School

brookhaven Academy 

Brookhaven, MS



To Whom It May Concern:

Our school had the privilege of having Jason Alvarado speak.  Jason spoke to every student in grades 1-12. He obviously immediately grabbed their attention with his personality and his talents, but he also held on to

their attention by encouraging them not to bully or make bad decisions.

He encouraged them to be good students and one day become good citizens.

I truly believe he made a difference in the lives of many of our students.


Here is a comment from our counselor, Mrs. Daisy Arnold ...


"Jason's message was perfect for Red Ribbon Week and Positive Choices Club members. He emphasized the fact that we all make choices every day; some are major and some are simple."


We appreciate Jason and his hard work and dedication. We would love to have him speak with our students again anytime in the future.



Derek D. Martin 

Assistant Principal 

Lipsey School 

Brookhaven, MS

(601) 833-6148


Mr. Alvarado’s message of great character and leadership has made a difference in my students’ attitude toward bullying and accepting people’s differences.  His presentation to my children included several powerful messages and the illusions he performed were outstanding.  I would 

definitively recommend Mr. Alvarado to perform for your school or organization.


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